Strategic Consultancy

More sophisticated and holistic than Strategic Advisory due to client ambitions, scale, risk profile and overall complexity

Valued by our lagest, most complex clients

Strategic Consultancy is all about creating the extraordinary – and importantly facilitating the creation of an impact and a legacy.

Strategic consultancy is valued by our largest, most complex clients. It’s more sophisticated than Strategic Advisory in order to meet client ambitions, scale, risk profile and overall complexity.

Consultancy services are directly lead by our CEO and Managing Director, Dominic Guinea – to ensure the very best of strategic advice and impeccable accounting services at every stage.

Strategic Consultancy Benefits


We’re on the journey to creating the extraordinary together, we walk with you, every step of the way

Strategic Clarity

Tell us your goals and give you the step by step plan to reach them!


We’re working with you to achieve your goals, providing strong support and direction at every turn.

I have been working with Dom and his team for 10 years, I tell people if I could give you 20k today or get you to speak with Dom and his team I would always choose the latter without hesitation.

Dean O'Bryne

Unifided Solutions Australia

The Qubik Accounting team have impeccable communication, assistance and knowledge. The team have been an absolute breath of fresh air and relief for my company!
Natasha Ruhl

Check Property

Dominic and his team put client satisfaction at the top of their agenda and are always proactive and professional. They have been a powerful tool to help us continue to grow our business.
Yvonne Rutherford

Ausram Engineering