Passionate about creating the extraordinary for you and those around you? Come and create it with us!

Join the Qubik team to create the extraordinary

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re passionate about our team. Our values are an essential part of who we are, ensuring cohesion and alignment.

We believe in creating the extraordinary not just for our clients, but for our team. With benefits from actual flexibility to big opportunities and personal growth we make sure that your voice will be heard while you learn and grow.

Qubik values

Our team share the same 4 values and living by them is how we stay cohesive

Fun and Happiness

We’re all about fun and happiness, we work hard so we can play hard and celebrate even the little wins.

Creative Energy

Life’s too short to think inside the box. We believe in doing things differently, there’s creative flare in everything we do.

Passion and Drive

Creating the extraordinary isn’t an easy feat, but we’re a team of individuals who are hungry for success, that hunger keeps us going long after others have given up.

Real Relationships

We’re a team who are proud of the bonds that bind us. Our relationships – with each other, our families and our clients are what make us unique.

Qubik benefits

Here’s just a few of the reasons our team love working at Qubik.

Actual flexibility

At Qubik we’re creating an extraordinary quality of life for our team. Flexibility is something we all talk about, but few businesses can really support. For Qubik, being flexible to strike the right balance between work and home life is reinforced in the way we work every day. We’re focused on outcomes for our clients – and not on the hours you sit at the desk in the office!

Your voice is heard

Our team love to talk, and we love to listen. We see the value that everyone brings as we all have a different perspective.

Innovation and continuous improvement doesn’t know hierarchy. Everyone has a seat at our round table and all ideas are considered and respected. And once we agree, we move!

Personal growth

Interested in personal growth? So are we. Our CEO, Dom, believes in personal development, and sees it as intrinsic not only to individuals but to the business. Qubik encourages and enables personal growth.

With regular Values sessions, Lunch and Learns, group training and individual growth supported by an in-house library and our leadership team on hand to guide, you’ll find the opportunities you need to be the best version of yourself.

We love learning

We love the Rubik’s cube and the endless possibilities that trying to solve it brings. The idea of the Rubik’s cube is a big part of our Qubik brand and our commitment to exponential growth.

Learning is part of our DNA. It permeates the way we work and develop together. It is part of the challenges we set ourselves and each other. And it’s built into every role at Qubik – there is an individual development plan catered to every team member’s individual needs and aspirations, with coaching and mentoring along the way to help you achieve your goals.

Tailored support

One of Values is Holistic Support. At Qubik, we know that individuals are complex, and there is a lot to consider when really providing support. For us, it is about bringing support solutions together when you need them, in an holistic way. Whether it is being able to access our Employee Assistance Program at a particular time, or gaining support for individual wellbeing or to achieve life goals – Qubik will find ways to support you.

Big opportunities

Come for a job, stay for a career. We have countless examples of career progression given our aggressive growth plans and our proven track record at matching skill sets with opportunities.

There’s space for leadership, for doing, for doing better, for learning new skills, for leaning in.