Tax Planning

The services we offer to legally minimise your tax liability and giving you more room to grow and create the extraordinary!

Tax planning and minimisation

From simple Tax Planning and Minimisation to Business Structuring and even Mergers and Acquisitions, this is where our dedicated team of Brisbane Accountants look to legally minimise your tax liability so that you, your family and your business have more room to grow.

We conduct reviews of your financials and look at what tax incentives you may be eligible for. We assess your business structure to see if you’re paying more tax than required, while conducting modelling to show the implications of continuing with certain structures so that you can choose the most desirable outcome.

If you’re looking to sell your business

We identify the steps you need to take to execute the process ensuring the best outcome is achieved while remaining compliant. We look at cashflow implications, debt finance options while managing communications and the expectations and requirements of key stakeholders.

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What’s included?

Simple tax planning

Advance tax planning

Business structuring

Business and asset sale/mergers and acquisitions

I have been working with Dom and his team for 10 years, I tell people if I could give you 20k today or get you to speak with Dom and his team I would always choose the latter without hesitation.

Dean O'Bryne

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The Qubik Accounting team have impeccable communication, assistance and knowledge. The team have been an absolute breath of fresh air and relief for my company!
Natasha Ruhl

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Dominic and his team put client satisfaction at the top of their agenda and are always proactive and professional. They have been a powerful tool to help us continue to grow our business.
Yvonne Rutherford

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